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We always manage your property with maximum care...


Cross & Prior are extremely proud that a large number of our landlords have entrusted us with their properties for several decades now and this is reflected in the high volume of repeat business and recommendations we have received for well over a century – so we must be doing something right!

We strongly believe that successful property management is achieved through offering prospective tenants a professionally managed property, building a solid foundation with your tenant, and reacting to any issues that may arise speedily and efficiently, to ensure your property is maintained in excellent condition.

    As an independent company, Cross & Prior are able to devote our time and effort in
    providing the very best service consistently - not only for you as a landlord, but also
    for your tenant, maintaining a proactive approach throughout thus ensuring we are in 
    a unique position to protect your most valuable investment. 

    We know the best way to manage your property is not just simply collecting the rent,
    but also to look after your interests through our dedicated personally assigned
    professional property management specialists, who have the experience, expertise
    and knowledge to deal with absolutely everything, giving you complete peace of mind.


  Preparation   Inventory

  The rental market is distinctive in its competitiveness, fluidity 
  and demands and we will give you the correct advice and
  assistance to present your property in the most effective way
  that will maximise the rent and attract the best quality tenants.

  When a tenant decides to rent your property, you may agree
  to carry out specific works or repairs, or provide or remove
  certain fixtures and fittings, we will take care of all of these
  requests to ensure the tenancy gets off to the perfect start.

  We will assist you to notify your mortgage provider, insurance
  company, or managing agent of the proposed rental of your
  property. We can even liaise with all parties directly on your
  behalf and provide them with the information needed.

  Whether your property is let furnished or unfurnished, the
  Inventory is a vitally important document if a dispute arises
  over the deposit, and without it, you may be in a vulnerable
  position to claim any damages at the end of the tenancy. 

  We will arrange for an independent inventory company to
  prepare a full Inventory, check in and check out the tenants,
  and compile a report highlighting any issues at the end of
  the tenancy to protect you from time consuming disputes.

  We can also offer a more cost effective and fully compliant
  in-house inventory. Our reports contain detailed descriptions
  and photographs of the contents, which are updated and
  checked methodically before and after each tenancy.

  Check in   Legislation

  One of the significant advantages of our property managing
  service is that we have the experience and skills to respond
  quickly to any queries at commencement, which results in a
  more pleasant and enjoyable start to the tenancy.

  When it comes to move in day, we will take the time to make
  sure your tenants become completely familiar with all aspects
  of their new home, show them how to operate the heating,
  hot water, and appliances, and what to do in an emergency.

  We will ensure your tenants take over the responsibility for
  the council tax and all of the utilities at the property, deal with
  bills which may be generated during a void period and make
  sure you avoid any charges relating to late or unpaid bills.

  We understand that your property is not only a substantial
  capital investment, but also one of your most valuable assets
  and we never lose sight of that, hence we always advise you
  on current legislation and guidelines to the best of our ability.

  We will arrange for an EPC prior to your property being
  marketed, organise annual gas safety checks, ensure all
  furnishings conform to fire regulations and the electrics are
  safe, most importantly maintain a duty of care to all involved.

  We will make certain that any necessary and resultant repairs
  are carried out to fully comply with current safety regulations,
  thus guaranteeing that you meet all of your responsibilities as
  a landlord and provide a safe environment for your tenant.

  Deposits   Accounting

  In accordance with current legislation your tenants deposit
  must be held in an authorised deposit protection scheme.
  As part of our full management service, we will register the
  deposit on your behalf during the tenancy free of charge.  

  At the end of the tenancy, the deposit will only be returned
  when we are satisfied with the property condition. If there are
  issues we will try to reach a mutually agreeable solution for
  both parties, in order to avoid the need to go to arbitration.

  If an amicable solution cannot be reached and your tenant
  disagrees with the deposit deduction, a dispute is raised, we
  will advise you on the alternative dispute resolution, assist
  you in providing the relevant evidence to support your claim.

  The first month’s rent will be collected in advance in cleared
  funds prior to the signing of the tenancy agreement, we then
  request your tenant to set up a standing order to ensure all
  future rental payments are paid in full and on time.

  We will account to you on a regular and timely basis so you
  know when to expect to receive your funds. We will provide 
  detailed monthly statements, outlining the rent received and
  any deductions for fees, costs etc. via your preferred method.

  If required we will pay any charges relating to the property
  such as ground rents, service charges, or insurances from
  rental income, supply duplicate or annual statements for use 
  of income tax returns by your accountants at no extra charge.

  Maintenance  Emergency Services

  We always aim to look after your tenant and create a happy
  home for them to enjoy, so when called upon to deal with any
  unforeseen problems we have the expertise to react quickly to
  the situation, and handle the matter to everyone’s

  We never compromise on general maintenance or repairs
  issues, our longevity in property management has enabled us
  to build superb relationships with fully qualified and insured
  contractors, so you know your property is in safe hands.

  Unlike some other agents, we will not bill you for every piece
  of advice or minor service we undertake, and if we can carry
  out a task ourselves like re-pressurising the central heating
  or bleeding the radiators, we will do so to save you money.

  Our property management does not stop when our office
  closes, all of our landlords will benefit from our 24/7 care as
  emergencies can happen at anytime, which gives you the
  comfort of knowing the property is being cared for at all times.

  We have a list of reliable and experienced tradesmen, who
  have worked closely with us for many years, and have great
  loyalty to us that are ready to put right whatever the problem  
  in double quick time at extremely short notice and lower rates.

  Our vast experience of dealing with emergencies means we
  are on hand to find a quick solution until the problem can be
  resolved properly, helping to minimise the disruption to your
  tenant, and reduce the potential damage to your property.

  Inspections   Renewals

  By keeping you regularly informed with a detailed report, you
  do not lose sight of your investment. We appreciate that your
   monthly statements shows everything is running smoothly
  but our timely inspections maintain that human touch.    

  Our inspections are also welcomed by the tenants as it not
  only improves their sense of security knowing their tenancy is
  in our care, but also encourages greater stability and better
  care of your property which can lead to a longer tenancy.

  We will provide recommendations should any maintenance
  become necessary, arrange and carry out essential repairs
  are brought to our attention by your tenant, or help identify
  any issues early to protect your asset and grow your return.

  We will advice you well in advance of when the tenancy is due
  to end, and provide you with an overview of the current market
  conditions so we may take your instructions to renegotiate
  suitable rent with your tenant, or to market for a new tenant. 

  We will draw up the relevant tenancy agreement applicable to
  you and your tenant, and we will also incorporate any special
  conditions you wish to include under acceptable best practice
  to ensure all parties are clear with what has been agreed.

  At some stage, you may decide to return to your property, we
  will serve the correct notice within the prescribed notice period
  on your behalf. If your tenant wishes to move on, we ensure
  you have adequate notice and prepare to re-let the property.

  End of Tenancy­   Landlord Tax Guidance

  As your managing agent, we will arrange for a final inspection
  and carry out a full property assessment and inventory check
  out, take all meter readings, confirm all final bills are paid,
  and obtain a forwarding address at the end of the tenancy. 

  Providing everything is in good order, we will manage the 
  deposit return. If there are any cleaning or damage issues we
  will liaise with the tenant to rectify the problem and agree the
  deduction for repairs and replacements from the deposit.

  We will also advise on re-marketing your property to prevent
  void period between tenancies, organise and manage pre- or
  post-tenancy refurbishment works with the aim of maximising
  the return of your investment and minimising your cash flow.

  If you receive an income from renting out your property, then
  you are obliged to pay income tax on any profit for each
  financial year to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), though
  you are entitled to claim a number of allowable expenses. 

  We will assist you in understanding your tax liabilities as a
  landlord, provide you with income tax guidance in relation to
  lettings, and forward an annual statement of rent received
  and expenditure incurred, which is suitable for tax purposes.

  If you let your property while residing abroad, we can supply
  the form to help you obtain an exemption certificate from
  HMRC, enabling you receive your rent gross without any tax
  deductions under the Non Resident Landlord Scheme.




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