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Deposit Guide

A total peace of mind!

We guarantee your deposit will be safeguarded... 

When you rent a property from Cross & Prior, you know that your deposit is safe. We ensure that your deposit is protected throughout your tenancy under the Government scheme at no additional cost, and is returned promptly at the end of the tenancy.

      Many private tenants give their landlord or letting agent a deposit against possible
      non-payment of rent or damage to the property. When a tenancy comes to an end, 
      there is usually no disagreement about the deposit return, but sometimes there is,
      and this can cause much hardship an inconvenience to both tenant and landlord.

      In April 2007 it became law that all assured shorthold tenancy deposits received
      by landlords and letting agents are required to be protected in a Government -
      authorised tenancy deposit scheme, and that disputes about the deposit return
      are resolved swiftly, inexpensively and fairly.

     How does the deposit protection scheme work?
      At the start of the tenancy

      You pay your deposit to your landlord or letting agent.

      Within 14 days the Landlord or letting agent must provide you 
      with certain information about the deposit -  

      »    An explanation of the purpose of the deposit 
      »    The authorised scheme that they use
      »    How your deposit is returned at the end of the tenancy
      »    What to do if there is a dispute

      Recording the property condition

      It is expected that the landlord or letting agent
      will produce an inventory including photographs.  
      The inventory acts as a record of the condition
      of the property at the start of the tenancy.

      If you are not provided with an inventory you
      should produce your own photographic record
      and send a copy to the landlord or letting agent.

      At the end of the tenancy

      It is in the best interests of all parties to agree how the deposit
      is to be repaid, so that everyone receives the funds due to them
      as quickly as possible.

      If there is no dispute between you and your Landlord the deposit
      will be divided as per your agreement. The regulations state that
      this must be done within 10 days of the tenancy ending.

      If a deposit dispute arises

      If you cannot agree with your Landlord or letting
      agent as to how much of your deposit should be 
      withheld, then the two parties have the right to
      go to alternative dispute resolution.

      This service is provided free by the scheme
      protecting your deposit.


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