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Once you have made the huge decision to sell your property it is important to start to view your home as a potential buyer would, and try to become less emotionally attached to it.

It is often presentation that makes the greatest difference! A well presented property not only looks more attractive to your target purchaser, but also suggests that you have cared for it as your home.

Cross & Prior offer you some handy tips in making your home a good first impression on potential buyers, which could well add thousands to your final sale price.

  Complete Little Jobs     Dress Your Home     Scrutinize Your Road

  Whether it is a loose handle in the
  kitchen, or the sealant around the
  bath has gone mouldy, we are all
  guilty of putting off the little jobs,
  or neglecting them as part of our
  daily routine.

  It is essential to get these jobs
  done once you have decided to
  sell as such small changes could 
  be the difference to your buyer
  and the offer they might make.

  It is necessary to dress your home
  appropriately, in order to ensure it
  is presented in the best possible
  way. You should avoid cluttering
  rooms and try to highlight the
  features of your property.

  An incorrectly dressed room can
  easily result in potential buyers
  thinking your property doesn't have
  enough space for them or has an
  inadequate layout.

  You may well be the proud owner
  of the best house in your street, but 
  the smallest thing can put a buyer 
  off from some fly tipping at the end
  of the road to an old sofa in the
  neighbour’s front garden. 

  Often a simple call to the council or
  a friendly chat with the neighbour
  can resolve these niggling issues
  of your surroundings, and ultimately
  help sell your home.

  Enhance the Positives     Organise the Rooms     Resolve Potential Pitfalls

  You may have a wonderful south
  facing garden, or fantastic feature
  skylight. But if the garden is over
  grown and looks unused, or if the
  skylight is dirty - buyers will not
  appreciate them.

  It is important to remember the
  features that first attracted you to
  the property, so make sure to
  apply the same effort and ensure
  they are doing your home justice.

  If people are paying for a three
  bedroom property they don’t expect
  to see two bedrooms and a study
  or storage room! It is fundamental
  to make each room appear to be
  used as intended.
  You home will be more appealing
  if rooms have a specific purpose
  and this makes it easier for potential
  buyers to visualise and see the full
  potential of the property.

  You may have overlooked some
  points that were highlighted in the
  survey, when bought your home.
  Now is a good time to dust of the
  old report and address any issues 
  will undoubtedly be raised again.

  You should also explore any other
  concerns you might have as a well  
  organised planning at an early
  stage will give you the upper hand
  and help you move more swiftly.


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