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There are many common obstacles that can make selling your home a difficult task, however, often these can be overcome with a little bit of thought and effort, before you even start to market your property.

Cross & Prior will not only help you overcome these issues, we will help identify them in order to avoid any potential problems further down the line. To get you started, below are some points that you should give some consideration to, prior to marketing your home.

  Choose the right agent   Deciding the right time

  It is important that you choose an agent who is positive and
  knowledgeable, and will represent you and your home in a
  correct and professional manner. The agent should also be
  an active member of a Redress Scheme such as ‘The 
  Property Ombudsman
’ (TPO). 

  Whilst you invite agents to give a valuation of your property,
  you should not be afraid to ask questions and it is often
  advisable to prepare questions in advance, to ensure you 
  are fully informed when you make your decision.

  Remember the best agent isn’t the agent that offers you the
  lowest fee or gives the highest valuation - as often agents
  will go in high or offer a low fee, if they are not confident in
  the services they can offer.

  Whether you are moving to be closer to a new school or your
  family, relocating, or want a property upgrade, there is always
  a reason behind your decision to sell. It is therefore essential
  that you work out your time frames accordingly, allow enough
  time not to put yourself under any pressure.   

  Although it is never an exact science, you should speak to
  local agents to gauge roughly how long properties in your area
  are taking to sell. However, you should also be wary as some
  agents will mislead you in an attempt to make an impression. 

  Furthermore, it is sensible to keep an eye on the market as
  this will help you form your own opinion. Cross & Prior will
  always give you an honest assessment of the market and
  you are welcome to pop in for an informal chat anytime.

  Freehold or Leasehold   Access is essential

  Before you market your property you will need to confirm the
  tenure status, this can be done by simply referring to the legal
  documents were received when you purchased your home.
  Generally, there are different types such as Freehold,
  Share of Freehold, Leasehold, or Shared Ownership.

  If your property is freehold, it is usually more straightforward
  when you are selling. Whereas if the property is leasehold
  you will need to provide information about any charges you
  are obliged to pay and the unexpired lease term.

  The length of the remaining lease is very important as it will
  have a major bearing on the value of the property. If required,
  it is often advisable to extend the lease or even to buy the 
  freehold when selling in order to maximise the value.

  There is not much point in trying to sell your home if it is very
  restrictive for potential buyers to view it. Once the property
  has been on the market you should make every effort to
  accommodate all viewings, to make sure you do not miss out
  on any interested buyers. 

  If you have pets you will need to think about what effect they
  could have as some people may not necessarily be charmed
  by a barking dog or a peacefully dozing cat, therefore try to
  make arrangements accordingly.

  If your property is tenanted you may want to give serious
  consideration to whether you wish the tenants to remain, as
  selling a tenanted property is not always easy to gain access
  or could even affect the final price achieved. 

  Be Prepared   Consider your future purchase

  As you can expect anybody looking to buy your home will
  naturally have queries about it and often the more they ask
  the more interested in the property they are. To help answer
  any questions, you should take the time to gather as much
  information about your property as possible.

  Having all information will enable the agent respond to any
  enquiries that have been raised quickly and efficiently, and

  will also increase your buyer’s confidence in the property,
  ultimately resulting in your home selling faster.

  You should put together all documents to do with the property
  including guarantees, certificates and bills in advance as your
  solicitor will ask for the lot, so you will be ready when an offer
  comes in, ensuring as few delays as possible.

  If you are planning to buy another property, research the
  area you are interested in first to confirm you will have an
  adequate budget for the desired property, before committing
  to the sale of your home. Check out our Area Guide hopefully 
  it will give you the insight you are looking for. 

  You should also give some thought to the position you would
  like to be in and whether you buy your new home at the same
  time. You may wish to find temporary accommodation in order
  to benefit from being a chain free purchaser.

  We recommend, you should find out whether your current
  mortgage has any early redemption penalties, and work out
  what size mortgage you will need approximately for your new
  home. A careful planning will help you to a smooth move! 



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