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We are always here for when our tenants need us...

Once Cross & Prior have helped you find your perfect rental accommodation, we can assure you your rights will be fully protected as most of the properties we look after are fully managed and our let only landlords are well known to us and are completely aware of their obligations.

We always take care of our tenants and we have produced the following guide, which covers many of the key areas that will concern you during your tenancy, in order to make sure life in your new home is enjoyable.

 Tenancy Agreement  Inventory

 As move in date approaches we will send you a draft of your
 tenancy agreement, giving you ample opportunity to read
 before signing.        

 If there is anything you do not understand, do not hesitate to
 contact us for an explanation as you are entering into a legally
 binding agreement which is for a fixed term of 6 or 12 months.

 An Assured Shorthold Tenancy is the most commonly used
 agreement in the renting of residential properties, and as such 
 will provide you with security of tenure for the agreed term.

 On the day you move in, you will be given a fully prepared 
 Inventory of the furniture and fittings, contents and decoration
 as well as the property condition.       

 We will ask that you check this thoroughly and make sure any
 check in comments are recorded, as this could assist you to
 avoid any disputes occurring when it comes to checking out.

 This is one of the most important documents in the renting of
 your home and can often be key in deciding how much of
 deposit you get back at the end of your tenancy agreement.

 Payments  Utilities

 Prior to moving in, you will need to pay your first month rent in
 advance and a deposit which is held in trust on your behalf in
 a government backed scheme.

 You will be given full details of where to pay your monthly rent
 on a set date during your agreement. Rent is paid by standing
 order to ensure you never fall behind in your rental payments.

 Make sure to tell us if your circumstances change for any
 reason, as we can help you by discussing with your landlord
 a possible solution to protect your tenancy.

 We ensure that you will have connections to all utilities before 
 you move in, we also provide you with all of the current utility
 meter readings and suppliers contact details.

 You are responsible for payment of all utility bills and Council
 Tax except where agreed otherwise in your agreement. You
 must register with the relevant suppliers upon moving in.

 You need to notify the utility companies and local authority of
 your moving out date at the end of your tenancy. Your deposit
 will not be refunded until all utilities have been settled by you.

 Repairs & Maintenance  Emergency Services

 If you are in one of our managed properties, then we will be
 your first point of contact for all repair and maintenance issues
 during your tenancy.  

 Where we are not responsible for the management, you will be
 given your landlord’s contact details at the start of your tenancy
 in case you need to report any maintenance problems.

 All of our managed properties comply with the current safety
 regulations. We will provide you with a copy of the Landlords
 Gas Safety Certificate and Energy Performance Certificate.

 We operate a 24/7 emergency service and aim to deal with 
 any urgent matters that you might have promptly and
 efficiently during out of office hours.

 We have access to a host of experienced tradesmen, who would
 attend your property at the earliest convenience to all parties
 and be ready to put right whatever the problem in quick time.

 We ask all tenants to only use this service when there is a real
 emergency, not for problems that could easily wait until the next
 working day which we will respond to them in a timely manner. 

 Contents Insurance  Inspections

 Your landlord generally takes out building insurance to cover 
 the property that you rented, but is not responsible for insuring
 any of your personal possessions.

 We therefore strongly recommend that you obtain suitable
 contents insurance to protect your belongings against theft,
 damage, or fire, in order to provide you with peace of mind.

 As a tenant, you will be liable for any breakages, so you need
 to consider protecting your deposit from deductions for any
 accidental damage to your landlord's property and the contents.

 If we manage your rented property, we will carry out regular
 inspections to check the current condition of the property and
 that everything is being kept in good order.

 We will arrange these visits at a mutually convenient time with
 you in advance, usually 2 or 3 times a year. If tenancy has not
 been conducted in the right manner, visits will be more often.

 It will also give you an opportunity to raise any issues you wish
 to bring to our attention. If you need to notify us about repairs 
 we would again recommend you keep a record of this.             

 Renewals  Moving Out

 We will write to you approximately two months prior to the end
 of your tenancy to see whether you wish to continue with the
 tenancy for a further period.        

 If you decide to extend your stay at the property, we will liaise
 with your landlord to discuss the terms of the renewal, and the 
 new agreement will be sent to you for signature and return.

 If you are not sure what your plans are, a periodic tenancy which
 rolls over until either you or your landlord give the required
 notice to vacate the property will be the best option for you.

 To terminate your tenancy, you will normally be required to
 give at least one month notice in writing of your intention to
 leave, unless otherwise specified in your agreement.

 It is worth putting in a bit of work, to get the property up to 
 scratch to ensure a full deposit refund. If applicable refer to 
 your copy of the inventory as a point of reference.

 We will contact you to arrange showing the property to any
 potential tenants as stated in the terms of your agreement, 
 however you will be given reasonable notice of all viewings.

 Check Out  Deposit Refunds

 At end of your tenancy, either we or your landlord will carry out
 an inspection to go through the move in inventory, in order to
 check the condition of the property.    

 The property should be left the same as when you moved in
 except for normal wear and tear. If anything is damaged, you
 should agree the cost of repairing or replacing such items.

 If an agreement cannot be reached as to the damage items or
 repair costs, you can get your own estimates and then we will 
 discuss the matter try to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

 You should make sure that there are no rent arrears, and have
 paid your final rental payment, and all utility bills are paid up to
 date to enable a quick deposit return.

 Once we have checked you out, you have returned all keys
 and if there are no disputes, then you can expect to receive
 your deposit in full within 10 working days

 If a dispute arises, you will have the right to go to alternative
 dispute resolution, but this may cause delay in receiving your
 deposit. Please read our Deposit Guide for more information.



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